Keep the Air Flowing Throughout Your Home

Turn to us for ductwork installation in Troutman or Mooresville, NC

Even with the most powerful air conditioner or furnace on the market, you need top-quality air ducts to ensure proper airflow. Home Comfort Heating & Air can provide you with the ductwork installation or replacement you need to get the most out of your HVAC system.

We can look over your current duct system and recommend specific ductwork replacement services. Whether you need a few ducts replaced or a whole new system, rely on us for the job.

Damaged or moldy ductwork can cause major issues for your home-let professionals swap out your ducts for new ones. Schedule ductwork replacement at your Troutman or Mooresville, NC home by calling us today.

We also do ductwork for home additions

We also do ductwork for home additions

When you add a room to your home, it will need ductwork installation to connect it to the home's HVAC system. Our crew can install the ducts you need to keep your new room comfortable all year long.

Complete your home addition with proper ductwork. Email us today to get started on the project.